M.E. Awareness Day 2014 #May12BlogBomb

I identify as a lot of things. A female. A dog lover. A beauty addict. Somebody who prefers chocolate ice cream over vanilla, obviously. But I also identify as a sufferer of a really shitty condition called M.E.

Olympics 2012, roughly 6 months after I became ill. I remember being so mortified having to use the assisted mobility trolley, being stared at by all these people as we rode by. My Dad had to keep explaining to the people what was wrong with me so they would let me on. It was horrible.

Skincare Sunday: The Body Shop Haul

There's nothing more exciting than buying new skincare. I'm not one to dabble in new things - once I find something I like, I'm a little bit loathed to switch it up. But at the same time, I've wanted to expand my skincare routine by adding things like serums and oils in. The Body Shop online has free shipping for £25, and my order arrived five days later (thanks, bank holiday weekend...).

Skincare Sunday: Yes To Grapefruit Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream

The Yes to Grapefruit line was something I first came across on holiday to Arizona last year. I had heard several American Youtubers talking about it (along with its sister lines), but it wasn't available in the UK until recently.